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  Hello and thank you for visiting Robo is short for robot/robotic, while Holo is short for hologram or holographic. and will be associated with multiple robotic and holographic games for a variety of sports, racing, and combat related platforms. These games include Roman style gladiatorial combat, vehicle racing, horse racing, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), and much more. and with their double O letter placement are structurally similar, and each will link with the other as a cross promotion based on this similarity. 

 After you are done reading this short page please visit the Site Categories page to witness the scope of everything that is part of these future gaming and future event formats.

Brand Recognition

  There isn't a stronger collection of dotcoms in existence that combine the term league and leagues with the terms robo, robot, robotic, holo, hologram, and holographic.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and stand side by side under one roof. and will use almost every other site mentioned in this paragraph as a promotional tool for brand recognition purposes.

Live Events

 Representations of 3-D holograms and robots are readily seen in present day video gaming formats, but as technology permits it is probable that and will ultimately be associated with live robotic and projected 3-D sporting events and entertainment venues.


 Some of the teams that will be associated with and will also be associated with a travel/local interest site of the same name. These include,,,,,,,,,, and many others. These geographic sound-alike sites will use the gaming format as a promotional tool, in turn each of these sites will act as a powerful vehicle for the promotion of and Please visit for more information about these and other future travel sites.


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