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Robot Sportz

 Hello and thank you for visiting This site lists multiple robotic and holographic games for a variety of sports, racing, and combat related platforms. These games include Roman style gladiatorial combat, vehicle racing, horse racing, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), and much more.

 The dotcom collection of robotic/holographic sports and game domains presented here is perhaps the finest in the entire world. Visit the Sites In Alphabetical Order page for a complete list of these dotcom brands. We are seeking angel investors or venture capitalists to bring these dotcom brands to life.

Live Events

 Representations of 3D holograms and robots are readily seen in present day video gaming formats, indeed virtual reality and augmented reality headsets will make games starring our 3D and metal friends far more interesting than they are present day.  As technology permits it is probable that and will ultimately be associated with future live robotic and projected 3D sporting events and entertainment venues.


 The potential games that may ultimately be associated with the dotcoms seen on the alphabetical listing page can be monetized in several ways. They can be sold for gaming consoles or they can support advertising by offering said games as a free app.

 If in time and come to support live events then these sites may be monetized via the sale of tickets, advertising, and sportswear for specific robotic/holographic teams and individuals.


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